• Cracked Pecans - 4 lb. Bag 'O Nuts

Cracked Pecans - 4 lb. Bag 'O Nuts

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Enjoy the sensation of cracking shelled pecans without having to fight to get to the sweet nut inside, check out our selection of handpicked Cracked Pecans. To make our cracked nuts, we run In-Shell pecans through our state-of-the-art Savage pecan cracker. The Savage pecan cracker applies just enough pressure to slightly crack the shell, taking care of the hardest part of shelling. Our Cracked Pecans 4 lb. Bag of Nuts offers the best of both worlds, and makes it easier for anyone to extract the nutmeat with a nutcracker.

Not only will you enjoy the tasty pecans, you’ll be able to use the remaining shells. Pecan shells are great to use as smoking wood on the grill, mulch for potted plants, or grind them up into body scrubs and soaps.

Our Cracked Pecans offer the same sweet, buttery flavor of all our speciality pecans. Lovingly grown and cracked right on our 400-acre Louisiana plantation, our cracked pecans offer the highest quality, freshness, and flavor found anywhere. They can be used in a number of recipes or eaten fresh from the shell.

No matter how you enjoy your pecans, you’ll love the taste of our pecans.

Our Cracked Pecans make the perfect gift for friends, loved ones, business contacts. They are carefully packaged in a 4lb burlap bag with a printed graphic, making it both a delicious and attractive gift anyone will enjoy. This versatile, natural bag has a drawstring for easy access to the pecans, and can also be reused for storage, shopping, or as a planter. Cracked Pecans are a gift that will keep on giving. These delicious, easy to crack pecans are on available to order from October to March. Perfect for holiday shopping!

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This item only available October thru March:
This item only available October thru March

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  1. Best I have found!

    Posted by Mitzi S on 27th Sep 2012

    Ordered these and I must say they were exceptional!! Big and tasty and easy to shell out.

  2. Best cracked pecans

    Posted by Brad B on 20th Jul 2012

    These pecans were so easy to shell out and were so delicious that I will be ordering more soon!

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