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A Day at Melrose Plantation Mug

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Perfect for enjoying a cup of chicory coffee in the morning or a sweet tea in the afternoon, A Day at Melrose Plantation Mug is a wonderful piece to capture the spirit of Louisiana agrarian life. Featuring the famous “A Day at Melrose Plantation” painting by local folk artist Clementine Hunter, this gorgeous ceramic mug is a perfect collectible item for any lover of Southern folk art.

Clementine Hunter is the region most notable folk artist painter. Born and raised outside of Natchitoches Parish, Hunter spent her whole life living and working on Louisiana plantations. When she was 52 she began painting. Though self-taught, her vibrant use of color, expressive strokes, and personal subject matter garnered the attention of the art community. She rose to prominence and became the first African American to have solo shows at both the New Orleans Museum of Art and Northwestern State College. Not just a painter, Hunter is consider by many a social and cultural historians for capturing the daily life of plantation workers. Her realistic work offers the viewers a unique opportunity to see a significant lifestyle that has faded into history.

The painting A Day at Melrose place captures her home and the place she first began painting. It features the manor house and cabin, as well as workers harvesting and washing cotton. The artisanal glazing techniques used to craft this wonderful ceramic mug capture the vivid colors and full details of this important work of art. A great piece to start a collection with or to give as a gift, this mug will be enjoyed by Southern historians, art lovers, and coffee drinkers alike.

Handmade with care, this rustic style mug will last for years even with regular use. It also is a beautiful item just to display loving on a shelf.

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