A Day at Melrose Plantation Plate

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A stunning depiction of life on a Louisiana plantation, A Day at Melrose Plantation Plate features the bold palate of artist Clementine Hunter. Clementine Hunter was born to a Creole family outside of Natchitoches Parish. At age 52, Clementine Hunter began painting and her bold, expressive style soon garnered her the recognition of the art world. She was the first African American to have solo exhibits at the New Orleans Museum of Art and Northwestern State College. Though she started later in life, she painted over 4,000 pieces over her career. Most of her work was painted from memories but depicted her life and work on plantations. She is renowned for not only her unique artistic style but for capturing the realistic lifestyle of Louisiana farm workers. Many consider her to be an important social and cultural historian as a well as an artist. Her work gives the viewer a unique perspective on life in Southern Louisiana.

Hunter began painting while living and working at Melrose Plantation. This beautiful handmade ceramic plate depicts the painting “A Day at Melrose Plantation” inspired by her life there. It portrays the manor house, cabins, and workers picking and washing cotton. The glazing technique used with the ceramic plate captures the stunning colors and exacting detail of this personal work. This high quality ceramic technique also ensures that the beauty will last a lifetime.

The plate is perfect for display in a kitchen or dining room, but can also be used for special occasion for serving. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift for lovers of folk art and is a lovely addition to any collection.

A Day at Melrose Plantation Plate is part of a series of Clementine Hunter-inspired home decor items. It’s a great started piece for a collector but also beautifully compliments any of the other pieces.