Cotton Picking Plate

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The Cotton Picking Plate is a charming collectible from the Clementine Hunter inspired home decor line. Handmade by ceramic artists, this plate is beautifully crafted to portray the bold colors and striking details of Clementine Hunter’s painting Cotton Picking. Clementine Hunter was born outside of Natchitoches Parish in Southern Louisiana. She spent most of her life living and working on plantations. When she was 52, she began painting after being inspired by the artists and writers that would visit her home at Melrose Plantation. Though completely self-taught, Hunter expressive, bold paintings garnered the attention of the art world. She became the first African American to have a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Not just a talented painter, Clementine Hunter was also a cultural historian. She painted scene depicting her experiences living and working on plantations. Her works documents the lifestyle long past. She is considered by many a Louisiana cultural historian. The painting depicted on this stunning plate is one of her most recognizable. Cotton Picking portrays the hard work of cotton farmers harvesting in the fields of Melrose Plantations. During Hunter’s lifetime, Melrose was one of the largest cotton farmers in Louisiana. Her painting captures this unique period of history. The painting is perfectly displayed on this high quality ceramic piece.

The plate itself is hand thrown and has a wonderful texture. The artisanal glazing technique highlights the bright colors and bold bright strokes of the original painting. These techniques ensure the plate is not only beautiful but that they beauty will last a lifetime. A delightful piece on its own or as part of a larger collection, this mug is a must have for any lover of folk art or Southern history. It makes a fine display piece to decorate your kitchen or dining room.