Pecan Picking Mug

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The Pecan Picking mug is another great piece depicting the life of residents on Southern farmers. This handmade mug features the painting “Pecan Picking” by Clementine Hunter. Both playful and captivating, it’s a great piece to add to any folk art collection. Like many of Clementine Hunter’s colorful works, “Pecan Picking” takes place at Melrose Plantation, a National Historical Landmark. Hunter first started painting at Melrose Plantation after being inspired by the artists that would gather there to work. She was completely self taught and didn’t begin painting until she was 52. However, her work gained the attention of the art community and she became the first African American to have a solo exhibit at both the New Orleans Museum of Art and Northwestern State College.

Hunter’s work is considered by many to be historically significant because she captured the everyday life of plantation workers. She drew directly from her experiences to develop the subject matter of her work. Her artistic style is characterized by bold strokes, expressive use of paints, and cheerful color choices. Painting often from memory, her work offer a window in to a time since past. This mug is both functional and beautiful. It holds 14 ounces and is perfect for sipping a morning tea or chicory coffee. The glazing techniques used by our artisans ensure that Hunter’s work is perfectly captured in all it’s bright and whimsical glory. It is a high quality piece that will be enjoyed for year.

The painting shows worker harvest pecans by threshing the trees. Filled with a bag of Natchitoches pecan candies, it would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for anyone.

The mug also works as a display item that will catch the attention of any house guests. It’s a great conversation piece, with a fascinating backstory.