Pecan Picking Plate

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The Pecan Picking Plate is a great piece to start a collection of Clementine Hunter-inspired home decor. Handmade by artisans, this plate is made with the same care and attention to detail and color Hunter used in creating the original piece. A mix of unique glazing techniques are used to display the bold colors Hunter loved. Clementine Hunter is a famous Louisiana folk artist. Her work has been praised for its cultural significance and unique style. Raised outside of Natchitoches Parish, Hunter spent her life living and working on plantations. After moving to Melrose Plantation, she began painting at 52. The subject matter of her paintings pulled from her direct life experience in Louisiana. It’s celebrated today for accurately depicting the Southern agrarian lifestyle.

Hunter’s paintings used bold color choices and expressive strokes. Her work is as pleasing to look at as it is historically important. She was the first African American artist to host solo exhibits at both the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Northwestern State College. Her enduring legacy is wonderfully celebrated in our home collection. Pecan Picking is a bright and cheerful piece. It shows workers at the Melrose Plantation harvesting pecans by threshing the trees. In Hunter typical style, a bit of whimsy and playfulness is found by a youngster hanging upside down from the tree while the farmers work.

Pecan Picking Plate makes a truly unique and thoughtful gift, especially sent with a bag of Natchitoches pecans. It’s perfect for art lovers, pecan lovers, and people interested in Southern history. The ceramic plate is hand thrown and is extremely high quality. It works both as an artistic display piece, but is sturdy enough to use on special occasions. The plate would be lovely way to serve a slice of pecan pie or delicately arranged praline pecans.