Cotton Mural Pillow

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A colorful addition to any home, this hand embroidered pillow features the work Cotton Mural by Clementine Hunter. Displayed by itself or as the statement pillow in a collection, it is a must have piece for the folk art collector.

Clementine Hunter was born near Natchitoches Parish where she lived and work on plantations. After moving to Melrose Plantation, a mecca of local artists and writers, she began teaching herself how to paint. She drew inspiration from her experiences and the world around her. Her paintings are vibrant and depict realistic portrayals of everyday life on a Southern Plantation.

Though self-taught, Hunter’s work was so striking it garnered the attention of the art community. She was the first African American women to ever have a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Her work is not only beautiful, it is culturally significant at it perfectly captured a unique moment in history.

The painting featured on this pillow, Cotton Mural is a perfect example of her work. It depicts like on a cotton farm. In the centre is a man hauling cotton from the fields to the gin on a horse-drawn carriage, while workers in the background harvest and bail cotton. This stunning scene is beautifully displayed on this handcrafted pillow. The embroidery technique preserves the stunning details and vibrant color of Hunter’s work. One of man in a collection, this pillow fits beautifully in any style of decor.

Cotton Mural Hand Embroidered Pillow also makes a unique gift for the folk lover or anyone interested in Creole culture. Part of the Clementine Hunter inspired home decor line, this pillow is a great addition to a collection or a standalone piece. Either way, it is a great way to enjoy Hunter’s unique and colorful artwork.