Pecan Picking Pillow

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A gorgeous pillow featuring the work of acclaimed artist Clementine Hunter is perfect for any home. This whimsical throw pillow featured a hand embroidered rendition of the painting “Pecan Picking.” Clementine Hunter was born and raised in Southern Louisiana. Before becoming a painter at the age of 52, she spent her life living and working on plantations.

All of her artwork draws from this personal experience and offers a unique view into a world long past. She was the first African American to have a solo show and the New Orleans Museum of Art. Her work continues to be admired by lovers of both fine and folk art. Her work is both authentic and imaginative. Her painting style is characterized by bold graphic colors and striking passionate lines. The Pecan Picking Hand Embroidered Pillow perfectly captures the rich and vibrant detail of this famous work. The painting was inspired by her life at Melrose Plantation. It shows workers harvesting pecans by threshing the trees and picking the gorgeous nuts off the ground. In her usual playful style, there is a teenager hanging upside down from the tree. The painting is a window into the experiences of plantations workers of the 20th Century.

Hunter is not just known for her whimsical painting style, she is also considered by many to be a cultural historian. Her works not only featured the daily lives of plantation workers, they also document the cultural heritage of Southern Louisiana plantations. Pecan Picking is one of many paintings inspired by her home at Melrose Plantation. This stunning pillow is a great way to enjoy Hunter’s work in your own home.

Part of the Clementine Hunter-inspired home decor series, this pillow is a lovely addition to add to any art collection. Made with high quality materials, it is both durable and will last for years.