Zinnas Looking at You

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A charming addition to any sofa, Zinnias Looking at You Hand Embroidered Pillow features a cheerful painting by legendary folk artist Clementine Hunter. Hand embroidered by artists, each thread is woven with the same care and expertise that Hunter used in her paintings. The bold vibrant colors are beautifully captured. Zinnias Looking at You Hand Embroidered Pillow is different from some of the other offerings in the Clementine Hunter inspired home decor line. Most of her work depicts the life of plantations workers in her home outside of Natchitoches Parish in Southern New Orleans.

Though perhaps her most well known painting, Zinnias Looking At You shows a different side of Hunter’s work where she colorfully played with the aesthetics of everyday objects. Although just a simple vase of zinnias, Hunter’s expressive style and bold color palette create a new way of looking at this simple object. Her passion and zest for life is beautifully seen within every stroke of Zinnias Looking At You. This striking painting is in essence a manifesto of her worldview, which is why a recent autobiographical play was named after it. The zinnias in the picture engage the viewer directly.

This beautiful painting is exquisitely portrayed on this high quality throw pillow. It is the perfect item for any Clementine Hunter fan to display in their home. It’s both a gorgeous statement piece that will brighten up any space and a one-of-a-kind conversation starter. The throw pillow also makes a wonderful gift. Clementine Hunter’s work is renown by the artistic community for both it’s artist merit and it’s cultural significance. She was the first African American to have her work displayed in the New Orleans Museum of Art. Displayed in any home, Zinnias Looking at you Hand Embroidered pillow is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.