Baptism on Cane River Serving Piece

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A long time collector of Clementine Hunter’s work, Oprah recently recommended the Baptism on Cane River Serving Piece as a favorite thing. This beautiful ceramic square plate captures the community tradition of baptising new church members in the local Cane River. The painting is joyous and captures the excitement of this important event.

Clementine Hunter is a famous folk artist from Louisiana. She is known for her use of vibrant colors and realistic depictions of everyday life on Southern plantations. Her work is praised for the beauty and technique, but is also considered by cultural historians to be historically significant. Each painting captured a unique moment in a time long gone and gives the viewer a first person perspective on what daily life was like back then.

Born outside of Natchitoches, Hunter spent her life living on plantations. First as a worker and then a painter. She began painting after moving to Melrose place where she was inspired by the local artists and writers that would gather there. Her beautiful work quickly garnered the notice of the art world and she was the first African American to be given a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

The Baptism on Cane River Serving Plate is a wonderful way to enjoy Hunter’s work. The handcrafted glazing technique preserves the beautiful colors and detail of her work. The serving plate is perfect for display but sturdy enough to use for serving on special occasions. It’s a great piece to start a collection of Clementine Hunter inspired pieces or to give as a gift to any lover of folk art. It’s a truly unique piece.

One of a series, Baptism on Cane River Serving Plate is a great started piece for any collection. It’s beauty will be enjoyed for years to come.