Cotton Mural Serving Pieces

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A fun addition to your serving set or a great display piece, this long serving dish features the work Cotton Mural by Louisiana artist Clementine Hunter.

This gorgeous Cotton Mural Serving Piece features the art of Clementine Hunter. The handcrafted glazing technique highlights and preserves the color and detail of her work. This piece is a wonderful addition to a collection of Clementine Hunter inspired home decor. Renown by the art community for her bold use of color and creative painting techniques, Clementine Hunter is one of the most celebrated folk artist in America. Pulling from her real life experience living and working on plantations, her work offers the viewer a unique perspective on Southern agrarian culture. Playful and accessible, Hunter’s work will brighten any home.

Though Hunter was the first African American painter to being featured in a solo exhibit by the New Orleans Museum of Art, she was completely self taught. Over her lifetime she painted between 4,000-5,000 paintings, each of which pulled directly from her surroundings. Cotton Farm Mural is one of her most notable pieces. The work depicted on the serving plate, Cotton Farm Mural, is a vibrant painting portraying the daily lives of cotton farm workers. In the foreground a man drives a horse-drawn cart to the cotton gin, while in the background cotton is picked and bailed. This piece is not only stunning, it captures a unique moment in Southern history. Sturdy enough for bread service, or just displayed as a unique collectible in your kitchen or china cabinet, this long rectangular ceramic piece is a wonderful conversation piece to feature in your home.

Cotton Farm Mural Serving Dish also makes a great gift for anyone who loves folk art or is fascinated by the culture and history of Louisiana.

One of multiple pieces in the Clementine Hunter-inspired collection, this serving dish is beautiful on its own or as part of a set. Be sure to check out the rest of her stunning pieces.