Pecan Picking Serving Piece

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A perfect compliment to a gift of Natchitoches pecans, this cheerful serving dish is sure to please anyone. Featuring the painting “Pecan Picking” by legendary folk artist Clementine Hunter, this serving plate is a charming as it is functional.

Handmade by artisanal ceramic artists, this serving plate was created using the highest quality techniques. The serving dish itself is sturdy, but lightweight. The refined glazing technique offers both bold colors and fine detail, as well as a wonderful texture. We are pleased to offer the Pecan Picking Serving Piece as part of the Clementine Hunter inspired home collection.

Perhaps the most famous artist from Louisiana, Clementine Hunter captured the lifestyle and spirit of the agrarian South. Born and raised right outside of Natchitoches Parish, she spent her entire life living and working on plantations. She began painting while living at the historic Melrose Plantation. At the time Melrose Plantation was a mecca for local artists and writers to gather and share work.

Though she didn’t start painting until the age of 52 and had no formal training, Hunter created between four and five thousand works of art over her lifetime. Her work quickly gained attention from the art world for both it’s culturally significant subject matter and skilled technique. Hunter was the first African American artist to have a solo show at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Pecan Picking is one of Hunter’s most playful works. It shows the harvest of pecans with working threshing trees and collecting the delicious nuts from the ground. In one part of the scene a teenager is hanging upside down from a pecan tree. The piece shows that even with all the hard work to do, the farmers still had fun.

A great piece for the collector or just as a standalone to display in any room, the Pecan Picking Serving PIece will be enjoyed for years to come.