Picking and Hauling Cotton Serving Piece

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The Picking and Hauling Cotton Serving Piece captures an authentic depiction of life on a plantation. As part of the Clementine Hunter-inspired home collectibles, this large rectangular serving piece is both an art piece and a chronicle of history.

Picking and Hauling Cotton was painted by acclaimed folk artist Clementine Hunter. Her works drew directly from her own personal experiences living and working on plantations around Natchitoches Parish. The scene takes place in her final home at Melrose Plantation. At the time, Melrose Plantation was the largest cotton farm in the region.

The painting shows farm workers at every stage of the cotton harvest. From cotton pickers in the field to a horse drawn carriage bringing cotton to the gin where it was processed and baled, this painting offers an authentic, personal depiction of the lives of the workers. More than just a painter, Clementine Hunter is also a social and cultural historian. Her work documented the daily lives and activities of farm workers in Louisiana. Often painting from memory, Hunter gives the viewer a window into the past.

Hunter was also the first African American artist to have a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Though self taught at the age of 52, her work left an indelible legacy on the Louisiana art scene. She is still celebrated as one of the most prolific and talented artists to come from the region.

Hunter’s work is admired for its rich graphic colors and energetic strokes. Handmade by artisans, this serving piece is masterfully crafted to capture the spirit of her work. The glazing techniques highlight the fantastic details of the painting, offering the same life and energy. Both functional enough to use during meal service, but striking enough to display as wall art, the Picking and Hauling Cotton Serving Piece is a marvelous addition to any home.