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The Cotton Vase

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A truly one of a kind piece we are proud offer The Cotton Vase from the Clementine Hunter inspired home collection. This gorgeous round vase features a 360° view of the painting The Cotton. Displayed as ceramic art piece or filled with zinnias, Hunter’s favorite flower, this vase brightens any space.

Handcrafted by ceramic artist, this vase pays tribute to Hunter’s work by lovingly capturing the superb detail of the original piece. The glazing colors are expertly mixed to match Hunter’s bold color palette, while each stroke of the painting is meticulously hand applied. The vases also offers a 3-dimensional texture to help highlight the exquisite qualities of the work. These creative techniques offer a high quality vase that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Clementine Hunter is a famous folk artist from Louisiana. She was born and raised right outside of Natchitoches Parish to a Creole family. She spent her life living and working on plantations in the area. At the age of 52, she began her career as a painter. Though completely self taught, her enthusiasm for the art lead her to create between four and five thousands paintings in her lifetime.

Her work was so admired that she became the first African American artist to have a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. She is still to this day considered one of the most important artists from Louisiana.

Characterized by their authentic, historically significant subject matter, Clementine painted directly from her experiences. Her work is joyful and uses bright, exuberant colors and passionate strokes. In her work The Cotton, you can see her love of painting come through. The Cotton depicts farmers working the harvest at her later home of Melrose Parish. At the time Melrose Parish was the largest cotton plantation in the region. At the time, most of the harvest work was done by hand. The Cotton displays this traditional way of harvesting.

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  1. Cotton vase

    Posted by Lee G. on 7th Dec 2017

    The vase is really nice it’s for my wife and I know she is gonna love lit

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