The Wedding Serving Piece

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A wonderful gift idea for newlyweds or on an anniversary, The Wedding Serving Piece showcases a traditional Southern wedding. In Natchitoches Parish, weddings were more than just the celebration of two people coming together, the were any important event that connected families with the community and their past. The Wedding Serving Dish offers a sweet reminder of this heritage and will be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

The Wedding was originally painted by the famous folk artist Clementine Hunter. Born and raised in the locally, Hunter spent her entire lifetime living and working on plantations around the Natchitoches Parish. At 52, while living on the Melrose Plantation, she began her career as a painter. Though she had no formal training, her artistic skills and personal subject matter attracted the attention of art critics around the world.

Drawing often from her own memories, her paintings depict an authentic view of the lifestyle of Southern Louisiana. Not only was she a highly respected artist, admired for her bold use of color and expressive technique, she is also considered by many to be a social and cultural historian. No better piece showcases her historical work than The Wedding.

The Wedding shows a newly married couple sharing their vows to a pastor. Next to them is a beautiful pot of zinnias, Hunter’s favorite flower, and a tiered wedding cake. There’s also a serve bringing out a round of drinks to cheers the new couple. This scene perfectly shows the wonderful marriage traditions of the region.

Beyond its beauty, the serving piece is extremely high quality. It was masterfully crafted by skilled ceramic artisans. The ceramic is made from the highest quality material and the glazing techniques showcase the bold colors and graphic details of the painting. The piece is robust enough for use, but exquisite enough for display.