• Zinnas Looking at You Serving Piece.

Zinnas Looking at You Serving Piece

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A striking addition to your collection of folk artist Clementine Hunter ceramic serving plates, this piece features the painting Zinnias Looking at You. Perhaps Clementine Hunter’s most known work, Zinnias Looking at You is loving showcased on this elegant serving piece. A round plate featuring Hunter’s favorite flowers sits on a black background. It is at one striking and pleasing to the eye.

Zinnias Looking at You Serving Piece will be a lovely centerpiece in any style of home decor. Clementine Hunter is a famous folk artist from Southern Louisiana. Born and raised outside of Natchitoches Parish, she spent her whole life living and working on local plantations. It was through these experiences that she drew inspiration for her work. Her pieces are extremely inviting and offer the viewer a personal chance to experience her world.

A depiction of a simple everyday object, the painting Zinnias Looking at You is anything but common. Every summer when they were in bloom Hunter would paint her beloved zinnias. Zinnias Looking at You, stands out among all of these pieces because as the title suggest the painting almost seems alive. The bright zinnias engage the viewer directly and inspire the same love and passion for the flower as Hunter.

A wonderful piece to give as a gift, Zinnias Looking at You brings warmth and life to any dinner service. It also works as a wonderful piece of art to display in a china cabinet or on a kitchen shelf.. The unique glazing techniques of the serving piece perfectly capture the eye-catching colors and detail of the work while also offering a pleasing dimensional texture. The Zinnias Looking at You Serving Plate is a cheerful celebration of Clementine Hunter’s artistic work. It makes a fascinating conversation piece and brightens the mood of any viewer.

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