"Effortless" Nutcracker

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There is nothing more satisfying than cracking the shell of a pecan by hand. However, not all nutcrackers are work well for cracking pecans. Many nutcrackers can be difficult to use, hard on the hands, and lead to shells and pieces scattering everyone. The “Effortless” Nutcracker on the other hand is designed specifically for cracking pecans. It’s makes shelling pecans easy and mess-free.

This unique, one-of-a-kind nutcracker features a conical shaped design to facilitate easy cracking. Simply place the nut in the open shape end and squeeze the handles. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can shell a pecan with just a little bit of pressure.

It’s a great tool if you are shelling a lot of pecans at once for baking or sharing. The Effortless Nutcracker works on every size of pecans to quickly crack and shell pecans to get the delicious sweet meat faster. Though it was designed with pecans in mind, it works just as easily on any other nuts you may enjoy. The best part about the Effortless Nutcracker is you will never have to pick tiny pieces of shell out of your nut. Nor will you ever deal with broken pieces of nut trapped inside the shell. With sophisticated design, the Effortless Nutcracker will always keep your pecan in tact.

Featuring a sleek, but rustic design, the Effortless Nutcracker is also very attractive so it can be displayed proudly next to the nut bowl. The coated metal cracker and wood handle make it a breeze to keep clean. It’s also very sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing out quickly or breaking. Make sure to add it to any gift order of shelled pecans. Everyone will appreciate the how easy the Effortless Nutcracker is to use. It’s great for people of all age from children to seniors since it makes shelling pecans easy. The Effortless Nutcracker is available to order year round and can be shipped anywhere!   ** Please note that this item may not be ordered individually but can be combined with any another item.

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