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Zuzu’s Praline Candy Mix - 1 Pack

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Zuzu Pecan Praline Candy Mix makes candy making at home a breeze. It’s a unique dry mix candy base that has been designed for chefs at any skill level. Simply add fresh Louisiana pecans and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have homemade delicious, buttery pralines. Pralines were invented in the 19th Century in New Orleans when a chef combined cream, sugar, and local pecans. Since then they have been a staple of Southern cuisine and a must try treat for tourists. Zuzu’s is made and packaged in New Iberia, New Orleans and uses the traditional, time-tested recipe that makes pralines a hit.

Created right in the heart of Cajun country, Zuzu Pecan Praline Candy Mix brings the authentic flavors of this New Orleans candy to anyone’s kitchen. It’s a perfect mix for anyone who loves pralines or even people who have never tried them. Zuzu Pecan Praline Candy Mix is incredible easy, it only takes one minute of cook time to make delicious creamy pralines.

No special kitchen tools or fancy ingredients are required. They don’t even require a candy thermometer! The base mix also provides eight other amazing recipes that can be made with Zuzu’s Pecan Praline Candy Mix besides pralines, including dessert sauces, cake fillings, and out of this world pies. Zuzu’s Pecan Praline Candy Mix makes a great gift. The pralines are incredibly fun to make and completely fail-proof. Anyone can get delicious results no matter their level of culinary skills. Don’t forget to buy the pecans! Zuzu Praline Pecan Mix does not come with pecans, but we’ve got you covered with the high-quality pecans to make your homemade pralines taste even more delicious!

Zuzu Pecan Praline mixes come in 1, 2, and 3 pack boxes for all your candy making needs.

Available to order year-round.

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