Cookbook - The Gathering of Friends, Vol. 2

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The second book in the praised series, The Gathering of Friends Volume Two by Michelle Huxtable continues to explore the idea of food as low. Though a wonderful companion to The Gathering of Friends Volume One, Volume Two stands alone. It is filled with 1200 pages of gorgeous illustration and wonderful musing on the importance of connecting over food.

This hardcover cookbook contains delicious, effortless main dishes, savory appetizers, garden fresh salads, hearty soups from the kitchen, and enchanting desserts. This densely-packed cookbook offers 5 full weeks of means to help inspire creative menu planning. Each recipes is made with simple ingredients that are brought to life through easy cooking methods. Each recipes contains step-by-step photographs and instructions, so cooks at any skill level can follow along. The recipes also come with a shopping list contains items found at any local grocery store to make meal time planning a breeze.

The recipes featured in The Gathering of Friends series are steeped in traditions and have been passed down over the generations. They connect people together in the present and to their past. Food is more than just sustenance to Huxtable, it’s the way we connect, communicate, and share with our loved ones. Hosting a gathering is a way to foster relationships and strength bonds. The Gathering of Friends Volume Two makes a wonderful gift for any host or chef. Given alone or paired with Volume One, anyone will enjoy flipping through the pages of time-tested, beautiful tablescapes, and ideas.

The book is beautifully designed so it makes a wonderful coffee table book to flip through for inspiration. It’s also a great resource of easy, effortless recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes. We also offer the The Gathering of Friends Volume One to start your collection of Huxtable’s acclaimed cookbooks.