Cotton Mural Linen Tea Towel

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Featuring the Cotton Farm Mural by folk artist Clementine Hunter, this handcrafted linen tea towel is a beautiful piece of art to display in any kitchen.

A stunning collector’s item, the Cotton Farm Mural Linen Tea Towel features the work of Clementine Hunter. This handcrafted towel is made with 100% linen and trimmed in delicate lace. Perfect as a gift for the folk art lover or bought to display proudly in any home. The vibrant colors and gorgeous scenery will add interest to any walls. Clementine Hunter was a notable folk art painter for Louisiana. She was the first African American to be featured in a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Her paintings are revered for beauty, but are also considered culturally significant for their realistic portrayals of Southern plantation life in the 20th Century.

Hunter spent her life of plantations, first as a worker and then as a artist. All of her work was inspired by her real life experiences. She was fully self taught but her advanced technique and use of color garnered her national recognition by the arts community.

Cotton Farm Mural depicts a horse-drawn cart hauling cotton from the fields to the gin. In the background cotton is being harvested and bailed by workers. This vibrant painting captures the historical techniques once common on cotton farms.

The Cotton Farm Mural Linen Tea Towel displays this painting beautifully. Meticulously handcrafted he rich colors and detail are perfectly captured.

One of a series of tea towels featuring Hunter’s work, Cotton Farm Mural Linen Tea Towel is a perfect piece to start a collection. This series brings a warmth and whimsy to the decor or any home. Display hanging on a wall or framed, these tea towels make great conversation starters. It is truly one of a kind!