Cotton Picking Linen Tea Towel

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Silk-screened and then hand embroidered by skilled artisans, this gorgeous 100% linen tea towel features the painting “Cotton Picking” by Clementine Hunter. The Cotton Picking Linen Tea Towel is a delightful piece and is finished with a delicate crocheted lace embroidery along the edge.

Clementine Hunter is a notable folk artist who was born and raised right outside of Natchitoches Plantation. Her artistic style is defined by her expressive strokes and bold color palettes. Her paintings depict everyday life on the plantation. Most of her art was painted from memory and captures an unique period of history.

More than just a famed folk artist, Hunter is considered by many to be a cultural historian. She documented a period of Southern history in vivid, realistic portrayals. Hunter was also the first African American to have a solo exhibit at both the New Orleans Museum of Art and Northwestern State College. Hunter was completely self-taught and began painting at the age of 52 while living at Melrose Plantation.

Set in her home at Melrose Plantation, the painting Cotton Picking shows the hard work of the cotton harvest. Workers are show hand picking cotton and and baling the finished product. A wonderful display item for around the home, the Cotton Picking Linen Tea Towel captures the beauty of Hunter’s painting in perfect detail. Made from the highest quality materials, the beauty and color will last a lifetime.

Cotton Picking Linen Tea Towel makes a great gift for any folk art lover or Southern historian. It perfect to display in a kitchen of dining room or even framed as wall art. Anyone lucky enough to view the piece will be intrigued. It makes a great conversation starter. The Cotton Picking Tea Towel will add a rustic, country feel and pop of color to any space.