The Wedding Linen Tea Towel

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A unique and thoughtful gift for newlyweds, The Wedding Linen Tea Towel is a perfect item to help start the new couple’s art collection. This 100% linen towel with a sweet crochet border was screen printed and hand embroidered with the stunning work of Louisiana folk artist Clementine Hunter. It features the painting “The Wedding” and will be cherished as a delicate keepsake for years to come.

The Wedding is a beautiful depiction of a traditional Southern wedding on Cane River. Weddings during Hunter’s time were more than just the pairing of two individuals, but a celebration the whole community enjoyed. Tea Towel is a wonderful reminder of the importance of family and community.

Clementine Hunter is a Louisiana folk artist known for her realistic depictions of Southern life. More than just an artist, she is considered a social and cultural historian for capturing the traditions and lifestyle of a time long past. Her work has a personal authenticity that speaks directly to the viewer and helps them understand what life was like on a plantation.

Hunter’s work is celebrated for its bold expressive strokes and vivid color palettes. Though she was completely self taught starting at the age of 52, she became the first African American artist to have a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Over her lifetime she created over 4,000 paintings.

A Wedding Tea Towel does not just make a special gift for newlyweds, it’s also perfect to mark the celebration of an anniversary. It’s sure to make any recipient happy to receive such a one-of-a-kind and thoughtful present.

As part of the line of Clementine Hunter inspired home decor, it also makes a wonderful piece to add to a growing collection. It’s perfect to add a touch of joy to any room.