• Zuzu Praline Premade Candy Mix - Just add Pecans!

Zuzu’s Praline Candy Mix - 3 Pack

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Welcome to fun and easy candy making!

This is our Zuzu Praline Candy Mix - 3 Pack which is $38.95 including shipping.  We also offer the Zuzu Praline Candy Mix - 1 Pack for $16.95 delivered, and the Zuzu Praline Candy Mix - 2 Pack for $26.95 delivered.

Pecan Praline Candy Mix - 3 Pack

Zuzu’s Praline Candy Mix is a one-of-a-kind dry candy base which has been developed and is packaged in the heart of Cajun country, New Iberia, Louisiana (also the home of Tabasco® sauce). Our unique product never fails to produce delicious Louisiana pecan pralines. This product requires a one minute cook time to make a perfect batch of buttery, creamy pralines. You don't need a candy thermometer, you don't have to consider weather conditions, you don't even have to know about the soft ball stage! If you can time one minute of boiling, you will have perfect candy every time! As an extra bonus, eight other incredible dessert sauces, candies and recipes can be made with this product, all in the one minute cook time. Once your candy-making customers try this product, they will surely be back for more! A recipe booklet is included in each package.


Don't forget to buy the pecans!  The Zuzu Praline Candy Mix doesn't come with the pecans.




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  1. If you 'love' pralines.....

    Posted by Pam on 14th Mar 2016

    ......but are short on time and/or can't cook (like me!), this mix is for you. I've even figured out how to prepare it using the microwave!!! Its a no fuss, no muss way to have pralines that even I couldn't screw up. :-)

  2. Great!!

    Posted by Jennifer on 23rd Dec 2014

    This praline is really good & so easy to make. I should have bought more!!

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