Dear Pecan Geniuses,

All the pecans are wonderful! I have tried the pieces, the cracked, and the halves, and they are, as usual, superb!

Not to mention that they were perfectly packed and arrived very quickly.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Carolyn Porter

For years I have kept Natchitoces Pecans in my freezer and used them all year round. This week I ran out! I needed to make a dessert for a church potluck so I purchased a bag of Fisher pecans from the supermarket. They are awful! They taste rancid.

I like to purchase from a new harvest so I am going to wait a couple of months. I'll just have to make recipes that have no pecans.

While I am writing, I would like to commend you on your customer service. The last time I ordered I had moved across town in Lacey, WA and even though all records (yours and mine) had the correct address, apparently UPS delivered them to my old address because their online tracking listed them delivered to the old address. I called your customer service and there was no problem whatsoever in getting another box delivered to my correct address in a matter of days. Great service and a great product.

We have now moved to Azle, Texas and I am telling people here in this state about your wonderful pecans.
Thank you,
Janis Stevenson
Azle, TX

Just had to say our order of Pecans just arrived!!  Awesome and the BEST --so delicious..Super time on shipping too.  Yours are the BEST EVER.  Thanks!! Happy Day!!
Mary Jane Fabisch

Hi there!  I just wanted to say thank you.  I had requested that my shipment get there for Father's Day and it DID!  I gave you very short notice, and wanted to explain why it's so important.  My dad is 82.  Our "thing" was always friendly fighting about pecan logs (we both loved them).  I live far from him, and it meant so much to him when they arrived.  I know it sounds silly, but it was significant to us.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the effort you made to get it there in time.  Thanks again!  :)
Mary McLean

First time buyers and I am so impressed with the quality, taste and FANTASTIC service. We will definitely be ordering again soon.
Beaver Dam, WI

This is our first order from you, but have heard your pecans are the best.
Appleton, WI

You've made ordering soooo very easy!
Arlington, VA

Shopping your site takes me back home.
St. Charles, MO

I grew up in Shreveport, and drove past Little Eva many times on my way to LSU!
Scarsdale, NY

I read somewhere that nuts would keep you young!
Fort Dodge, Iowa

This is the Pecan Orchard I wanted to take a visiting friend.
Pineville, LA

These are so good you can eat 'em straight without cookin' 'em in something. They are great munchies and make oatmeal edible!
Arlington, VA