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Everything you might want to know about pecans and didn't know to ask is here for you to view. We bring you information on where pecans come from, all the wonderful nutrition information and health benefits provided by pecans. We have a page dedicated to delicious and inventive recipes and even offer pecan gifts that you can give for any occasion. Some of our pecan gifts include gourmet shelled pecans, pecan logs, candied pecans, cinnamon pecans, shelled pecan halves, and so many other products.

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Pecan Trivia

  • Pecan halves were used as the first and only fresh food for the Apollo 13 and Apollo 14 astronauts in the 1970's. After that, pecans were used on other space missions. - North Carolina Pecan Growers Association
  • Pecan wood from Georgia was selected by the Atlanta Olympic Committee to make the handles of the torches for the 1996 Olympic Games. These torches were carried in the 15,000 mile trek across the USA and then used in the lighting of the Olympic flame Atlanta on July 19, 1996. - Georgia Pecan Commission

  • The pecan tree is the state tree of Texas, and the pecan is the state nut of Alabama.

  • Pecan shells make great mulch in flower beds.  Go Green!!!