Specialty Gifts

 Specialty Gifts

Our specialty gift section consists of a number of popular pecan cookbooks, pecan oil for the everyday gourmet, a simple to use nutcracker, and a praline candy mix that is the only product of its  kind in the world.  A new addition is our Neighborhood soy candles. Each fragrance's name has a story about the name.   Any of these items can be added to a custom pecan gift basket created by you.  Call 1-800-572-5925 and our staff can help you to put a smile on that special someone’s face when they receive a package with delicious pecan candies, fresh pecans, pecan cookbook, pecan cracker or soy candle to their door. 

Effortless Nut Cracker

This unique pecan nutcracker has a cone shaped design that keeps shells from scattering.  The "Effortless" Nutcracker is easy to use and easy to clean.  Breaks only the shell and can crack most any size nut. 

Pecan Favorites Cookbook

A collection of 200 favorite pecan recipes from our kitchen.  Compiled by Mrs. Rita – our “Mother Nut”.  All recipes incorporate the use of our Louisiana pecans as an ingredient.  This pecan cookbook along with some of our delicious, fresh pecans make great gifts for any occasion and can be ordered on-line 24/7.

Health Benefits of Pecans

Natchitoches Pecans always wants its customers to know why pecans promote better health.  Now three university scientists have reviewed the latest biomedical evidence in their new book, Health Benefits of Pecans.  The authors include Dr. James L. Hargrove and Diane K. Hartle, who are retired faculty members from the University of Georgia, and Dr. Phillip Greenspan, a current faculty member at UGA.  Full of interesting facts about the nutritional benefits of the versatile pecan.

In Praise of Pecans Cookbook

In Praise of Pecans by June Jackson traces the use of pecans in earlier times, spotlights the nut's adaptability and health aspects, and provides a wealth of healthy recipes plus a few that are joyfully indulgent. Along with poignant personal memories of picking out pecans as a child, Ms. Jackson shares innumerable enlightening facts about pecans, giving more than 100 ways to cook with the nutritious, versatile nut.  Whether savoring freshly cracked pecans right off the tree or dining on pecan-encrusted trout in an elegant restaurant, the discriminating consumer will begin to understand how good this gift from nature is, in all its incarnations. This richly enjoyable book celebrates pecans and gives them the long-overdue attention and praise they deserve.