Candied Pecans Make Excellent Gifts

Posted by wernuts2 on 13th Apr 2018

Candied Pecans Make Excellent GiftsWith their smooth but slightly crunchy texture and a buttery flavor that goes well with sweet and savory dishes, it’s no wonder that candied pecans have been a popular dessert and snack for generations. All you need to make some yourself is a few basic ingredients, some time in the oven, and a blend of spices you can find online or create yourself to give your candied pecans the perfect kick. Something else you can do is hand out candied pecan gifts, either because it’s a special occasion or because you made too many to eat them all yourself. Homemade candied pecans make a great gift idea, and there are a few reasons why.   1. They’re easy to make. You may struggle with getting the exact right balance of spices for the flavor you want, but candying pecan halves is as easy as stirring together butter, sugar, and pecans and then baking them for 10 minutes. 2. They show you care. Candied pecans might be easy to make, but ordering candy online or grabbing some off the shelf is even easier. Making something yourself is always a good way to let people know they’re worth the effort. 3. You can personalize each gift. Do you know someone who appreciates spicy food? Add a little red pepper to their pecan gifts. Is someone a big fan of maple syrup? It’s no trouble at all to swap it out for the regular sugar, and it’s one more way to show that you care. 4. Nuts are healthy. Most store candy is just solid lumps of sugar with a few different flavors, but every candied pecan has a healthy nut underneath. Pecans are good sources of protein and potassium, and they provide several other vitamins and minerals.   If you want to hand out some gifts, if you just got a bunch of pecans and you want to do something special with them, or if you just want to practice your culinary creativity, candied pecans make great gifts. Between the flavor, the texture, and the spices you can add, your friends and family will love your pecan gifts.