A Day at Melrose Plantation Pillow

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This delicately hand embroidered throw pillow brings a touch of whimsy and color to any space. The pillow features in beautiful, exacting detail the famous painting A Day at Melrose Plantation. Clementine Hunter is a celebrated folk artists from Southern Louisiana. Also known as Grandma Moses, she began painting at 52 years old. Completely self-taught, she produced over 4,000 paintings in her lifetime. She was the first African American to ever have a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art and Northwestern State College. All of her artwork was influenced by her life of living and working on plantations.

Hunter began her career as a painter while living at Melrose Plantation. Her work is known for a use of bright color and expressive force. In each of her works she captured a realistic depiction of the world around her. She’s not only admired for her artistic talent, but is considered an important cultural historian for capturing the lifestyle of an era.

A Day at Melrose Plantation is one of her most notable works. Depicting the home where she developed her artistic talents, this unique painting features the everyday life of the people who lived and worked on the plantation. Featuring the manor house and cabin, and workers picking and washing cotton, this painting invites the viewer into her life. The pillow is a great decorative item whether displayed as a part of a collection or as a standalone statement piece. It adds a beautiful pop of color to any space. It’s a must for any lover of folk art to add to their home. A Day at Melrose Plantation Hand Embroidered Pillow also makes a wonderful gift for art lovers and historians alike. It’s a great introduction piece to the works of this beloved artist or as part of a larger collection.