Gone Fishing Serving Piece

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The Gone Fishing Serving Piece is a perfect collectible for the fisherman. This square shaped ceramic serving dish features the work of famous Louisiana folk artist Clementine Hunter.

As the foremost artist of our region, we are proud to offer this serving piece as part of the Clementine Hunter inspired home collection. Handmade by skilled ceramic artists, the serving dish uses the finest techniques to accurately showcase the vibrant colors and bold details of Hunter’s work.

Clementine Hunter was born and raised right outside of Natchitoches Parish. She lived and worked on local plantations all her life. When she began painting at the age of 52, she drew inspiration directly from these experiences. Her celebrated works depict scenes from Louisiana’s agrarian past. The cultural heritage of this region is perfectly documenting in her painting Gone Fishing.

Fishing on the Cane River in Natchitoches has a been a favorite hobby of the community for years. It’s a relaxing retreat that offers an important food source. The painting Gone Fishing beautiful captures this tradition in a truly fantastic style.

The sweeping strokes transport the viewer right to the banks of the Cane River. The use of color and bold shapes make this is a striking yet, lifelike piece. Perfect to display in a china cabinet or on a shelf in the kitchen or dining room, The Gone Fishing Serving Piece will add joy and life to any room.

The Gone Fishing Serving Piece is extremely high quality and will last a lifetime. It’s sturdy enough to use on special occasion for serving a favorite dish. It would be wonderful for serving a few filets of pecan coated catfish.

The Gone Fishing Serving Plate also makes a unusual gift idea. It’s perfect for art collectors, fisherman, and anyone who loves to cook.