Before Planting a Pecan Tree in Your Yard - Read This

Posted by wernuts2 on 12th Jul 2019

If you are looking for fresh pecans for sale, there are many ways you can go about purchasing them. However, you may have stopped during your latest browsing session to consider how much fresher those pecans would be if they came right from your own backyard.

Before you plant a pecan tree in your backyard to have access to all the fresh pecans you can eat, there are a few things you need to know and several more things you need to learn about how to go about planting and caring for your pecan tree, as well as knowing if it is even feasible for your yard and space.

Benefits of Pecan Trees

Pecans are native to the United States, and they thrive in southern locations that have longer growing seasons. Having just one tree can provide you with enough nuts for a large family to consume. The tree will also be able to supply you with some nice shade to help beat that southern heat. A mature pecan tree can stand approximately 150 feet tall and allows a spreading canopy to shade and shelter you from the sun.

Location and Prepping

If you decide to plant a pecan tree, you need to choose an area with soil that can drain freely and has a depth of about five feet. If the soil is too soggy, the taproot can become susceptible to disease. If you have a hilltop, then this will be the ideal location and placement for your new pecan tree.

Planting a Pecan Tree

Before Planting a Pecan Tree in Your Yard - Read This You need to plant your pecan tree in a hole that is three feet deep and at least two feet wide. The soil line on the tree should line up with the surrounding soil. If you need to adjust the hole to accommodate this, then feel free to do so. Arrange the roots in a natural position as you fill the hole with soil. Don't add anything else to the soil and do not add fertilizer. Once the hole has been filled halfway, you can then fill it with water being careful to remove any air pockets so the soil can properly settle.

Caring for Pecan Trees

You will need to regularly water your pecan tree once it is planted. Always water it slowly and deeply allowing the soil to absorb the water as you go. You can add fertilizer in the spring of the year after the tree has been planted. Zinc sulfate should also be used each year for younger trees. Waiting for your young pecan tree to mature? In the meantime, there are fresh pecans for sale online to hold you over until your tree is nut bearing.