Cookbook - In Praise of Pecans by June Jackson

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An engaging way to learn more about pecans, June Jackson’s book In Praise of Pecans offers a rich narrative about the the history, culture, and health benefits of this incredible nut. Jackson was raised on a pecan farm in Louisiana, so the book is not only an educational exploration, but a poignant story about her personal connection and love of pecans.

This gorgeously illustrated book contains 176 pages that start with the early development of pecans and bring their history to relevance in modern times. There’s a wealth of great information about the health benefits of pecans and their many uses. Page after page, this wonderful and comprehensive book offers innumerable enlightening facts about pecans that will surprise anyone. It works both as a coffee book to thumb through on lazy afternoon and an engaging front to back read.

In Praise of Pecans also provides over 100 recipes for cooking the versatile nut and an explanation of the amazing health benefits of each recipe. Though mostly focused on unlocking the health benefits of pecans, there are also some joyfully indulgent recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth. Along with each of these tasty recipes is a personal musing that offers a unique perspective on the cultural importance of the pecan.

Even the discriminating consumer will begin to understand how good this gift from nature is, in all its incarnations. This richly enjoyable book celebrates pecans and gives them the long-overdue attention and praise they deserve.

In Praise of Pecans inspires a unique understanding of this wonderful food. In Praise of Pecans also makes a wonderful gift for chefs, pecan lovers, and students of American culture. Paired with a bag of our premium pecans, anyone will enjoy using this book to explore the great flavors and benefits of a diet rich in pecans.