The Best Pecans For The Best Flavor

Posted by wernuts2 on 22nd Mar 2019

It’s no secret that the very best flavor will come from the very best pecans. When it comes to where to buy pecans, quality should be your top priority to ensure you get to experience all of the richness a pecan has to offer. Our fresh Louisiana pecans give you not just the best pecans, but pecans with a storied history and hundreds of years of fine tuning.

The flavor of a great pecan is somewhat complex. If you’re wondering where to buy pecans for the most accurate depiction of the classic pecan flavor, opting for fresh Louisiana pecans is your best bet. A great fresh pecan will be somewhat sweet, somewhat buttery, delicately nutty, and almost with a taste reminiscent of a simple vanilla cookie. Crossing your pecans with different flavor elements in different dishes will bring out different notes. To really bring out the buttery notes in pecans, we suggest taking pecan pieces and mixing them into buttery shortbread cookies or ice cream. The creamy elements in the butter cookies or the cream in the ice cream highlight the buttery notes in the pecans, and draw this flavor to stand out amongst all the others. Along with the buttery flavor, you may also find that the delicately nutty flavor also stands out.

The Best Pecans For The Best Flavor

If the nutty flavor is what you want to highlight, mixing your pecans in with savory dishes is a perfect idea. Pecans can be crushed into pecan meal with a food processor, and used to bread chicken or fish dishes. This is a healthier take on fried comfort foods, and really enhances the savory nutty note in fresh pecans. 

Coating meats isn’t your only option, and pecan halves or pieces can be sprinkled on top of a salad to bring a little crunch to your lunch! To bring out the sweetness in your pecans, pecan candy gifts are a ready-made way to satisfy that sweet tooth using Louisiana’s best. If you’re looking to make something yourself, pie crusts using crushed pecans and classic pecan pies show you just how pecans can be transformed into the perfect dessert flavor.