4 Pecan Snacks Kids Would Love

4 Pecan Snacks Kids Would Love

Posted by Julie on 23rd Jun 2022

Preparing desserts and snacks for kids is more challenging than it looks like. We want them to enjoy their food and make it fun and yummy, but we also want their snacks to be healthy. In addition, children can be picky eaters! It’s a struggle to make them appreciate simple snacks like salted pecans. That is why we are going to make fun recipes with pecans that kids are sure to love!

  • Cute Mini Pecan Pies - Children have short attention spans so a quick, bite-size snack would be perfect, not to mention, cute! The mini pecan pies are also easy to make and preparing them is similar to how you would make a family-sized pecan pie. You will simply need your usual ingredients which are sugar, flour, vanilla, salt, pie dough, and of course, pecan halves!

Instead of using your family-sized tray, baking them using your cupcake baking pans is the trick to making these pies cute and bite-sized. Bake them for 15 - 20 minutes, let them cool, and you’ve got yourself a quick munchie for the kids.

  •  4 Pecan Snacks Kids Would LoveButtered Pecan Cookies - Kids love cookies. If they can’t say no to the usual chocolate chip cookies, then they definitely won’t resist having buttered pecan cookies! This is another bite-sized snack that children can enjoy in school, at home, and just about anywhere. To make things better, buttered pecan cookies are extra yummier when dipped in milk.

To make buttered pecan cookies, ready your chopped pecans, brown sugar, flour, eggs, butter, salt, vanilla extract, and baking soda. After mixing them together, let the dough rest in your fridge for at least three hours before baking.

  • Chocolate Coated Pecans - Maybe plain and salted pecans are too boring for your kids, so how about coating them in chocolate? Indulge your children’s sweet tooth in a healthy way by coating your favorite pecan nuts in chocolate.

The best part about this is that there are different flavors and colors of chocolate too, so you can make this snack extra interesting! You can use milk chocolate, strawberry chocolate, and even white chocolate to coat the pecan nuts. As a bonus, you can also prepare dark chocolate pecans that adults and teens would love.

Just melt your chocolate in a pan and then add your pecan halves. Mix for a while until they are all coated evenly. Let them rest and cool until the chocolate coating’s no longer dripping.