Why Louisiana Pecan Nuts Are Special

Why Louisiana Pecan Nuts Are Special

Posted by Julie on 11th Aug 2021

The secret behind tasty and high-quality pecan nuts is not just in the way they are post-processed and packed. It also has everything to do with the environment and how the pecan trees are tended. One of the most ideal places to grown them is in Louisiana farms and backyards.

Growing Pecans In Louisiana

 Why Louisiana Pecan Nuts Are Special

Pecan trees can grow up to 60 feet tall and have a wide width. When planting and growing them, they must be given enough space to flourish freely. After all, one of the most important things in ensuring that a tree will produce quality pecans is by making sure its leaves are healthy. Many pecan orchards are located in Louisiana for a good reason. From the sub-tropical climate and weather to the space available, pecan trees can grow to their full potential without any issue.

Fresh From The Orchard

When ordering fresh pecans online, getting them fresh from pecan farms and orchards in Louisiana is your best option. The Little Eva Plantation in Louisiana takes great measures in keeping its pecan trees healthy and its pecan nuts as fresh as they can be. From planting, harvesting, packaging, to delivering them to homes, one can taste the indisputable freshness of Natchitoches Pecans.

Its offerings are not also limited to fresh and shelled pecans. If you are looking for an unforgettable gift or something to enjoy at your leisure, Natchitoches Pecans also have fancy gift tins and pecan candies that you can indulge in.