3 Creative Ways To Use Pecan Shells

3 Creative Ways To Use Pecan Shells

Posted by Julie on 19th Mar 2021

Lots of folks buy in-shell pecans. They don't mind cracking and removing the coverings to get to the yummy nuts inside. Consumers feel as if the reward is well worth the minimal effort. However, when going this route, people are left with mounds and mounds of pecan shells. The question is, "What should they do with them?"

Throwing them in the trash is an option, but doesn't that seem like such a waste? There has got to be a better use for pecan shells. Have you wondered about this issue before, or is it fresh on your mind now? If you answered yes to either question, this is the right place for you.

We will be discussing three creative ways for people to use shells in the following sections. So, if that sounds good, please, don't go away just yet. Instead, stick around and read on to learn more.

1. Make Flowerbed Mulch

3 Creative Ways To Use Pecan Shells

Many people are proud of the flowerbeds on their properties. They put in the work to make them look beautiful, not only for themselves to enjoy but for others as well. Are all of your plants gorgeous and full of life? Yes, that's great to hear. Is there just something off about your flowerbeds, though? If so, maybe it's the mulch that isn't pleasing to the eye.

The shells of pecans can be crushed into pieces about a 1/2-inch long or so to create mulch. Some items like recycled rubber don't break down and enrich the soil, but that isn't the case when pecan shells are used. They put nutrients into the dirt that help flowers, shrubs, and more thrive.

2. Add Shells To The Pit

Did somebody say, "barbecue?" Who doesn't appreciate a thick, juicy steak on the grill? Then again, maybe ribs, chicken, or pork chops are more your style. It can make your mouth water just thinking about it. Some folks get tired of the same old bbq flavors. If you're one of them, don't fret. Next time toss some pecan shells in with the wood or charcoal. The pieces will give meats, veggies, or whatever, a light pecan flavor.

3. Speaking Of Fires

Are you an outdoor enthusiast or avid camper? Yes, then keeping some shells on hand can come in handy when building fires. The pieces are excellent kindling because they burn easily. Getting stuck outside in the cold won't be much fun, so be prepared and throw a baggie of shells in your survival kit.