3 Things You Didn’t Know About Pecans

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Pecans

Posted by Julie on 31st Mar 2022

Everyone knows that Louisana pecans are very tasty, scrumptious, and go with almost any dessert and recipe. But there are more interesting things about pecans that you still might not have heard and learned about. How much do you know about your favorite beloved pecan nuts? Here are 3 interesting about them.

  • 3 Things You Didn’t Know About PecansPecan Nuts Are 100% American - The reason why Louisiana pecans are flavorful is that they are grown, cultivated, and cared for in their very homeland. So for those who are still wondering where to buy pecans, purchasing them online guarantees that you will be getting them straight from pecan orchards in the USA.
  • Pecan Shells Can Be Used For Cooking - Pecans are flexible as a whole so do not throw your pecan shells away just yet! The shells are also very aromatic especially when they are roasted or burned. Others love to toss it in the firewood as the shells would release their trademark nutty pecan scent. But the real hack is using these shells to smoke meat like chicken, pork, and lamb.

In-shell pecans are available at Natchitoches Pecans’ website so you do not have to wait long to order and try this for yourself.

  • Pecan Pies Have Around 80 Pecan Nuts - The basic pecan pie recipe usually has a measurement of ¾ lbs of pecan nuts. That rounds up to almost 80 pecan pieces! It would be nice to keep this in mind when purchasing your next batch of pecans online.

If you need more for your pecan recipe experiments, there are also a variety of pecan nuts to choose from, from pecan meals, shelled halves, to roasted salted pecan nuts.