Benefits Of Pecan Mulch For Your Garden

Benefits Of Pecan Mulch For Your Garden

Posted by Julie on 18th Dec 2020

If you are a pecan lover or you have your own pecan orchard, you already understand the value of pecans. Perhaps you often look for ways to use every part of the pecan so that none of it goes to waste.

Today, we will discuss what you can do with what is left of your pecans after you have enjoyed them as a delicious treat. This particular idea is especially beneficial to those who are into gardening.

The Popularity Of Pecan Mulch

Benefits Of Pecan Mulch For Your Garden

Pecan mulch is organic, so it will break down naturally over time. Because of its richer and darker appearance, it looks better than other traditional wood mulches you can purchase.

Pecan mulch allows you to keep the soil loose around the plants you grow so that their roots can grow properly. It can also help retain soil moisture, which leads to properly hydrated plants, and deter weeds. Last but not the least, pecan mulch can provide much-needed nutrients to plants while lowering the soil's pH level.

Pecan growers who run their own pecan orchard have several options available to them regarding the processes they use in producing mulch out of pecans. Some may choose to discard the shells, which can ultimately add more waste to the landfill. Meanwhile, others look for creative ways to use everything and eliminate waste completely.

How To Make Pecan Mulch

If you are someone who enjoys shelled pecans or visits a pecan orchard regularly, then you most likely have lots of shells around your home. To make your own pecan mulch, you will need to go through a lot of pecans. Instead of throwing the shells away, add them to your compost pile. See to it that you turn the compost regularly to allow the shells to break down.

Owners of pecan orchards have more resources than the regular pecan consumer, so you may not be able to produce a big amount of mulch like they can. However, we are simply providing you with an idea on how to use every part of the pecan and minimize waste. If you are a pecan lover, we are sure you already have shells on hand, so why not use them to your advantage?

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