Better Breakfasts With Pecans | Price Of Pecans In Louisiana

Posted by wernuts2 on 16th Feb 2018

Building A Better Breakfast With Louisiana PecansLouisiana pecans are, quite simply, the perfect nut. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, they're a food that can help improve your health while also managing to taste amazing. And, they're among the most versatile nuts out there. Look beyond pies and pralines and you'll find a nut that can be used for virtually anything.

One perfect example of this is at the breakfast table. And while they're commonly associated with desserts, if you use them wisely you'll find that Louisiana pecans could be an important part of a healthy breakfast.

Here are some of the ways that you can use them in the mornings

• An easy option is simply to add crushed or cracked Louisiana pecans to a bowl of yogurt. They'll give it a crunchy texture and their nutty, sweet taste blends perfectly with the fruitiness of yogurts.

• They are also easy to add to a bowl of cereal. Many cereal companies already use processed pecans as one of their ingredients, but using fresh Louisiana pecans can really elevate your breakfast in a big way.

• Few things are as delicious as pancakes or waffles with pecans mixed into the batter. Use crushed pecans here since whole ones make it harder for the batter to cook evenly, and impossible to use in a waffle iron.

But just by mixing a few into your batter, you'll get pancakes or waffles that are unlike anything else on the breakfast table. 

• And of course, you can also just munch on a handful of pecans if you're on the go. Pre-made bags of pecans and dried fruits are great for busy people without the time to prepare a huge breakfast, and make it easy to get a boost of brain food in the mornings.

These are all great ways to add Louisiana pecans to the breakfast table. They're also great at lunch and dinner, but don't forget what they can do for the most important meal of the day.