Bringing Out The Flavors Of Roasted Pecans

Bringing Out The Flavors Of Roasted Pecans

Posted by Julie on 14th Apr 2022

What we love about pecan nuts is that there are so many ways to enjoy them. From dessert toppings to plain and simple snacks, having fresh pecans around will always equip you with a new delectable recipe to try. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, how about trying to roast your pecan nuts?

Roasting nuts can bring their natural flavors out fully. While fresh and salted pecans are already good, roasting them can make them absolutely delightful. Here are simple techniques that can make you fully bring their flavors ou

Bringing Out The Flavors Of Roasted Pecans

  • Soak Your Pecans - Before you get on to roasting them, it is important to prepare your pecans first. The first step is to soak them in lukewarm water. Don’t forget to add salt as you soak them too. It is ideal to use halved pecan nuts for this one, like Natchitoches’ Fancy Shelled Pecan Halves which you can get any time, anywhere just by ordering online.

If you’re wondering why you need to soak your pecans before roasting, this is because soaking them can further enhance their buttery flavors. Your fresh pecan snacks are already tasty as is, but who knew that they could even be more buttery?

  • Drain, Rinse, and Roast - After soaking your pecan nuts for about 8 hours, it’s time to drain and rinse them. Once you’re done with that, spread them over a baking sheet or dehydrator evenly to get them ready for roasting. If you want to enhance the flavors, a little trick you can do is to coat your sheet with some butter before proceeding to roast them.

Roasting your pecans requires a lot of patience because you’ll have to wait 12 to 24 hours before they can be out of the oven. You’ll also need to check them from time to time and flip them over to make sure that all sides are being equally roasted. It is also important that you set your oven at its lowest temperature! Putting them at an extremely high temperature won’t give you the desired flavorful result we’re looking for.

No matter how long it takes to prepare roasted nuts, you can rest assured that it’s worth the wait.

Roasted VS Toasted Pecans

It’s easy to mistake roasted and toasted nuts as one and the same but they are actually different. When you toast pecan nuts, you focus on cooking their outer part mostly. Toasted pecans are only browned instead of being cooked through. On the other hand, roasting means that you are cooking the whole thing, inside and out. This is why roasted pecans take a long time to do. Nevertheless, roasted and toasted pecans are both enjoyable and tasty!