Enjoy Our Salted Pecans

Enjoy Our Salted Pecans

Posted by Julie on 11th Sep 2020

Pecans are a favorite snack in America, and with good reason. Not only is this a delicious, nutritious food, it is also 100% an American product. Pecans are one of the few favorites in the American diet that are entirely homegrown. So not only do people enjoy a tasty treat, but they're also helping a local business. Little Eva Pecan Co. has a variety of different ways to enjoy pecans, including salted pecans for sale.

An Ancient Snack

Enjoy Our Salted Pecans

Pecans, like all nuts, are a safe, tasty yet nutritious snack, and part of that is that, in one sense, we are "designed" to make the most of them. For as long as humans have been on this Earth, nuts have always been a natural and essential component of our diet. Before we became a society of hunter/gatherers, the humble nut was far more accessible for primitive humans to find, eat—and even store—than hunting animals for high protein meat.

In fact, it was nuts that, for primitive humanity, provided an important, readily accessible source of protein, compared to meat, which was a much rarer opportunity. As a result, the human relationship with nuts goes back to even before recorded history. For Americans in the south, pecans themselves are a source of local pride, with products like our Natchitoches pecans being a showcase of Louisiana's hard work, pride, and quality results.

The Benefits

Beyond being just a tasty snack, our salted pecans for sale can also be a tangible boost in the health and nutrition department. Pecans, for example, are rich in what is called "polyunsaturated fat." There are actually different types of fat, and while some are bad, some, like polyunsaturated fat, can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease!

Also, because salted pecans for sale are a naturally occurring food that is grown and harvested, not processed in a factory, they are lower in calories and sugar, with no artificial additives or other synthetic ingredients. And of course, because pecans are small, dry food, they're easy to store, pack and carry wherever you go without worrying about spoilage.

The Differences

You can eat pecans in a few different ways, and each of them will confer different traits to the nuts. Roasted pecans, for example, are always popular. Still, the addition of heat can increase the calorie and fat count of the pecans, reducing their health benefits. Raw pecans, either in the shell or removed, are the traditional way to get that 100% pecan nutritional boost.

Salted pecans for sale occupy the middle ground in terms of health. They are noticeably healthier than roasted pecans. However, the addition of salt does mean that there's a higher sodium count in addition to the other vitamins and minerals associated with pecan consumption. However, sodium is another nutrient required for good health, just don't overdo it consuming too many salty foods!

If you'd like to eat a delicious, savory snack that is full of flavor and American pride, try our salted pecans for sale. The Little Eva Company is ready to serve fresh pecans at our Louisiana store or to Americans anywhere in the USA through online orders.