Gifts And Surprises | Pecan Orchards In The USA

Gifts And Surprises | Pecan Orchards In The USA

Posted by Julie on 12th Feb 2020

If your family is the type to bake pies and cakes for desserts during the holidays, chances are you have enjoyed and gorged on some pecans the past few weeks. Yet for those who do not traditionally have it during the festive months, choosing the right pecan snack may be a big challenge. If you fall in the latter category, consider this your Pecan 101 crash course. Learn more about the pecan nut, where to buy the best pecans, and how to prolong its shelf life.

How Can I Tell if the Shelled Pecan is Good?

If you have bought your shelled pecans from a producer, it pays to know if the pecans are of quality, especially if they are still shelled. One way to know is to of course ask where to buy pecans and know if the source is a reliable one.

Another way is to feel if the pecans are heavy in your hands while they are still in the shell. They also need to be dry, because moisture can affect the shelf life, even when they are shelled.

Where to Buy Pecans?

Louisiana is the most known producer and grower of pecans in the world. As such, it pays to get pecans from the source. Most pecan growers, like Natchitoches Pecans, have a history of growing fine, gourmet nuts for years.

Typically, pecans are grown in acres of pecan orchard land. Apart from the benefit of history and knowledge of the trade, Louisiana-grown pecans often receive high-quality irrigation to ensure the growth and improvement of its varieties.

How to Avoid Pecans from Going Bad Fast?

Like any natural food, pecans also have a shelf life. It does not matter if it’s unshelled or candied—you have to be conscious of the expiration date to avoid wasting some good snacks.

Unlike other nuts, pecans are more delicate because of their high healthy fat content. This means that unshelled pecans need to be in a cool and dry place to avoid spoilage. Avoid putting it in a storage with room temperature or direct sunlight.

If you bought the unshelled variety, it’s best to toast them and then toss into the freezer to make them last for almost half a year. Refrigerating pecans also helps keep them from spoiling but make sure they are kept in an airtight packaging. Moisture can definitely ruin a good pecan batch.

If you are asking where to buy pecans, your best bet is Natchitoches Pecans. Its long history of pecan production and 400-acre pecan orchard ensure that each nut grows with the quality that the brand has delivered for years. It also offers a number of flavors, all the more to give an edge in taste and keep you wanting more.