Helpful Tips For Long Term Storage Of Pecans

Helpful Tips For Long Term Storage Of Pecans

Posted by Julie on 10th Jul 2020

Buying in bulk can save money and ensure that you have a fully stocked pantry for the future. In order to keep your pantry full, you need to understand how to prepare your food items for long term storage. Otherwise, they’ll either go bad or degrade. Pecans are great for long term storage, especially if you buy pecans in shells. If you’re considering buying pecans in bulk, here are some tips to keep them fresh for the long term.

Preparing Your Pecans For Storage

Helpful Tips For Long Term Storage Of Pecans

Pecans last longest when stored in their shell. So make sure that you buy pecans in shells if you are considering them for long term storage. Make sure that when you buy your pecans they have been fully dried and sanitized for long term storage. The pecans at Natchitoches go through a full process that helps keep them fresh for long term storage, so you won’t need to do much to them for long term storage.

Prepare Your Storage Containers

Next, you’ll want to prepare some storage containers for your pecans. Make sure to choose airtight containers like mason

Pecans stay ver jars to reduce oxygen exposure which can lead to your nuts going bad before their time. Make sure the storage containers are washed and fully sanitized before storing your pecans. A good way to ensure they are sanitized is to boil them and let them air dry.

Storing Pecans Correctly For The Long Termy fresh when stored in the freezer. So that’s the best option for long term storage. However, if you are looking to store your pecans outside of the freezer, you’ll want to keep them in a cool, dark, and dry area. Make sure to label them with the date you stored them. Typically it is recommended that you store them at room temperature for three months, in the fridge for six months, or the freezer for a year, because the oils can go bad. However, in the right circumstances they can last longer.

Finally, if you have stored your pecans and noticed they taste a little stale, you can freshen them up by roasting them. At Natchitoches Pecans are picked, prepared, and delivered to you at the peak of freshness, so they last longer in storage than store bought pecans. They’re the perfect pecan for long-term storage.