How the Native Americans Used Pecan Nuts

How the Native Americans Used Pecan Nuts

Posted by Julie on 24th Sep 2021

We all already know how Native Americans were big on hunting and gathering, so it really doesn't come as a surprise that they included a variety of nuts in their diet, including the pecan. The name pecan means a nut requiring a stone to crack. Pecans have a hard shell exterior but make a delicious and nutritious snack once they are cracked open.

The Native American Diet

How the Native Americans Used Pecan Nuts

In addition to pecans, Native Americans also had a diet filled with the animals they hunted, including deer, turkey, and pigeons. In addition, they grew vegetables, including sweet potatoes, green beans, and corn, and gathered pine nuts, pecans, and other nut varieties native to the land. The nuts were then used to make hearty bread recipes.

Pecans were a staple in the Native American diet and were considered a major food source in the fall months. They also learned how to use the pecans to make nut milk known as powcohicora, where they turned fermented pecan powder into a nutritional drink.

The Value of Pecans

Pecans were also considered a valuable commodity for the Native Americans because they consumed them daily and then began to use the pecans in exchanges with explorers. Native Americans began planting pecan trees that they then harvested and traded to European explorers. This made what was considered a local delicacy much more popular.

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