How to Make the Perfect Pecan Pie

How to Make the Perfect Pecan Pie

Posted by Julie on 28th Apr 2021

If you or anyone in your family love pecans, then there is undoubtedly a family recipe for pecan pie that has made its rounds. Or maybe you are on the hunt for the perfect pecan pie recipe to blow your tastebuds out of the water. In any case, there are a few key tips to follow when learning how to make the perfect pecan pie, and it starts with using only the best pecans you can find.

The Secret

So, what's the secret to making the perfect pecan pie? Well, it's finding the best pecans to use in your recipe, of course. The pecans need to be perfect. Avoid commercial varieties if possible because the taste will have a notable difference. Many pecan farms actually produce smaller pecans that turn out to be much sweeter and tastier than store-bought pecans.

Once you find the best pecans, mix the nuts with a delicious mixture of syrup, sugar, and eggs to get started making the perfect pecan pie.

Find Your Recipe

Even if you have the best pecans and your grandmother's recipe, you still have to nail down the art of the pie. To do this, the first step is to avoid burning the pie. We aren't here to share a pecan pie recipe because every family is sure to have their own. Some add bourbon or chocolate to their pecan pies, while others choose molasses over corn syrup. Instead, we are going to share our tips on the perfect pecans for any recipe you have.

Whole or Chopped

Another debate in the pecan pie world is whether it is best to use whole pecans, halved pecans, or chopped pecan pieces. Unbroken pecan halves make for a gorgeous pie, as long as you have the time to arrange them into the pattern you want. However, the aesthetic goes out the window as soon as you cut it.

For this reason, chopped pecans may be a great choice. When cutting the pie, your knife will go straight through chopped pecans. If you use pecan halves, the knife may just end up pushing the pecans deeper into the pie, and you can wind up with a pile of messy mush on your plate.

Other Tips

Instead of frozen crust, try making a fresh crust. You also want to watch the pie as it cooks to avoid overcooking or burning it. Also, don't be afraid to throw in some extra pecans; it can help you avoid a runny pie.

It may take a bit of trial and error, but you will eventually nail down exactly what works and what doesn't, leaving you with the perfect pecan pie on the table.