How to Use Pecan Meal

How to Use Pecan Meal

Posted by Julie on 21st Apr 2022

Pecan meal is something that is created during the shelling process. The pecan shells are cracked, and sometimes the pecan doesn't come out whole. Instead, it can come out broken or crushed up.

Instead of wasting a perfectly good pecan, the broken pieces are used as meal by the pecan company. They are ground down into a uniform consistency and still contain all the benefits you would find in a raw pecan.

So, without further ado, here are a few great ways to use pecan meal you make yourself or order through our pecan company.

Use Pecan Meal as a Substitute

How to Use Pecan MealPecan meal, also known as pecan flour, has been gaining popularity as a gluten free alternative to wheat flour. It is a staple you will want to always have, even if you aren't gluten-free.

If you have a pancake or pie crust recipe that requires wheat flour, you can sub it out using pecan meal in a 1-to-1 ratio for the wheat flour. If you have a recipe for something that needs to rise, like bread, you need to also add a rising agent in place of the gluten. Xantham gum or cornstarch are good choices here.

Pecan meal can also be subbed for bread crumbs. It can be used as a crunchy coating for any meat or fish dish or added as the crunchy topping to a delicious casserole. The best part? Pecan meal actually stays crunchier than bread crumbs that tend to get soggy quickly.

Using Pecan Meal in Recipes

Pecan meal is also great for thickening soups, gravies, and sauces. It can add more flavor to your cooked oatmeal, can be sprinkled over salads for a nutty and tasty crunch, and sprinkled over fresh fruits like bananas and apples for extra flavor.

Purchasing Your Pecan Meal

If you don't make the pecan meal yourself, you can purchase it online from our pecan company. You can get the freshest quality possible from a reliable pecan company.

Purchasing pecan meal online gives you access to a nutritious ingredient you can use for baking and cooking. It is also a must-have ingredient if you follow a paleo or gluten-free diet.

The possibilities for this versatile ingredient really are endless. It will surely make the perfect addition to any kitchen pantry.