Need a Good Post-Holiday Present? Fancy Nuts Gifts!

Need a Good Post-Holiday Present? Fancy Nuts Gifts!

Posted by wernuts2 on 24th Jan 2020

The holidays may be over, but that does not mean the gift-giving has to end. If you have friends and family who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions this close to the holiday season, some fancy nuts gifts are in order.

Go for pecans, because they not only bring a nostalgic post-holiday cheer, but they are also the healthiest nuts in the bunch. Encourage your loved ones to get onto a healthier, but still tasty diet with pecan nuts, in these delectable recipes and standalone variety.

Fancy Nuts Gifts for a Healthy New Year

Pecans may be the fanciest type of nut you can give post-holiday. Make sure to get the candied variety, too! These nuts signal a good way to start the year right and healthy. Being one of the healthiest nuts available due to its high healthy fat content, consider this as a gift that gently nudges your loved ones towards a healthy lifestyle—with a light and healthy snack! Go for Natchitoches Pecans candied peanuts. Not only do they have gift tins that no longer need additional presentation, they also have a huge assortment to choose from.

Personalize with Baked Pastries

Who says you only need to give fancy nuts gifts as is? If you are feeling more creative, why not use candied pecans to make your gift even more special? And they don’t even have to be pecan pies! Pastries greatly showcase the flavor of candied pecans, especially when the flavors create a harmonious clash. For instance, this souffle of puff pastry with orange-scented cream, candied pecans, and caramel butter sauce contrasts the tangy orange with the candied nuts. Another simple but potential breakfast staple is a candied pecan cheese braid. The saltiness of the cream cheese complements the sweetness of the nuts. At the same time, the softness of the bread will have an extra bite with the candied pecans.

Go Healthy with Savory Meals and Salads

Another way to creatively give fancy nuts gifts is to cook a healthy meal with them. Candied pecans go perfectly with savory food items because they add that sweet tangy layer of flavor. An herb chicken salad sprinkled with candied pecans is flavorful, tasty, and crunchy. An even simpler but still delectable dish that’s easy to pack and gift are roasted carrots with candied pecan and goat cheese. Adding the pecans heighten the flavor from savory to a layered sweetness and an extra bite to boot. These recipes are a great way to encourage your loved ones to go on that healthy holiday feast-detox without giving up good taste in food. Both recipes can also use store-bought candied pecans.