The Simplest Ways To Eat Salted Pecans

The Simplest Ways To Eat Salted Pecans

Posted by Julie on 13th Nov 2020

Salted pecans are one of the healthiest snacks you can buy. They are loaded with healthy fats, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and protein. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or added to your favorite dishes, salted pecans are a must-have for your pantry. Here are some of the best ways to eat salted pecans:

The Simplest Ways To Eat Salted Pecans1. Tossed On A Salad

Pecans are the perfect addition to a salad. They not only add a great flavor but also make a salad more robust and filling. We love taking a handful of pecans along with some seasonal fruit and tossing them with fresh greens. It is simple, healthy, and satisfying!

2. On A Charcuterie Platter

Charcuterie platters are everywhere nowadays. Although they are ideal for gatherings, they make an easy meal when you do not feel like cooking. A handful of buttery salted pecans can complement stronger-flavored cheeses such as sharp cheddar and blue cheese.

3. Added To Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the easiest, hardiest breakfast. A handful of pecans improves its taste and gives you a boost of energy to start your day. As Southerners, we love incorporating salted pecans, sliced peaches, and just a drizzle of caramel into our morning oatmeal, but pecans are equally good added on their own.

4. In A Trail Mix

We love putting together a simple trail mix with salted pecans for daytime snacking. Several of our top additions are chocolate chips, dried cherries, and dried coconut. However, the rich, buttery flavor of pecans pairs well with any of your preferred trail mix ingredients. Salted pecans go well with granola, too.

5. Added To A Side Dish

Salted pecans are a wonderful topping for your go-to side dishes. Upgrade your baked sweet potatoes, sautéed green beans, or roasted Brussels sprouts with a handful of pecans. There are endless combinations out there for you to try!

These simple tips make enjoying pecans easy and allow you to upgrade many of your favorite meals. When shopping for salted pecans for sale, make sure to choose those of a high quality. At Natchitoches Pecans, we offer the finest Louisiana salted pecans for sale. Always fresh with an amazing buttery taste, they will dress up any meal or snack any day of the week.