The Value of Farm Fresh Pecans

The Value of Farm Fresh Pecans

Posted by Julie on 13th Mar 2020

When you hear the words farm fresh, what comes to mind? It is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot lately and can also be considered trendy, but if you are looking for fresh pecans from a farm-fresh and reliable pecan company, that phrase is going to mean so much more to you.

Farm Fresh vs. Store Bought

Yes, there are a few significant differences between farm-fresh and store-bought pecans. So, before you reach for that pack of pecans in the grocery store, read on to see how much value you can get with farm-fresh pecans from a pecan company instead.

The Flavor

When you purchase fresh pecans, you will find that they have a much sweeter and subtle taste when compared to the store-bought variety. The store-bought pecans also often come with an unpleasant aftertaste, which inhibits you from grabbing them handfuls at a time for a delicious snack.

The Color

Next, we have to look at the differences in color between the two. Pecans should be a golden amber color naturally. So, if you reach for store-bought pecans, pay attention to this. You will find that the pecans in the store are much darker. This is why you should purchase fresh from a pecan company instead.

The Freshness

Now to the word of the day - fresh. There is a high level of essential oils that are found naturally in pecans. For this reason, farm-fresh pecans are not going to be a shelf-stable product. They need to be kept in a cool environment, or they may go rancid. The pecans in the store are often preserved with chemicals and other additives to keep the pecans from going bad.

All Natural Pecans

Farm fresh pecans are also all-natural pecans. There are no additives that would make them otherwise, as you would find with many store-bought pecan packages. This means that only good is put into the growing process, so only good comes out.

Making the Choice

So, which would you choose? The farm-fresh variety from your local pecan company like Little Eva, or the store-bought variety that is full of preservatives in order to keep them shelf-stable for longer?

What does farm-fresh mean to you? To us, it means purchasing fresh pecans from a family owned and operated company that understands that fresh is always going to be better.