Tips On How To Properly Store Pecans

Tips On How To Properly Store Pecans

Posted by Julie on 24th Jun 2021

One of the many advantages and benefits, when you buy fresh pecans online, is that you can stock up on them and store them for a long time. Pecan nuts can be stored for a whole year or until they are consumed, but storing them properly is a huge factor. If you are a pecan nuts lover who just cannot afford to run out of some pecan goodness, here are tips to store your fresh pecan nuts properly.

Tips On How To Properly Store Pecans

1.Pecan Pieces That Are Out Of The Shell – When storing naked pecan pieces, you should remember that they are vulnerable to outside influences compared to whole-in-shell pecans. These include odors and moisture.

To properly store your pecan pieces, keep in mind to put them in closed containers with tight lids to avoid moisture absorption. You would also want to steer them away from other fruits you have in your storage like bananas and mints as they are prone to absorbing other foods’ flavors. This will result in your pecan nuts losing their natural taste and goodness.

2.Storing Pecans With Shells – You might think that whole-in-shell pecans can be left in open containers because they still have their protective shells, but the thing is they are just as vulnerable to absorbing other flavors and odors as well. Just like pecans that are out of their shells, it is still also important to store shelled pecans in closed containers and away from foods that can influence their taste.

Pecans that are still in their whole shells should be kept in a dry and cool spot. Freezing them is also an option but it would take time for whole-in-shell pecans to defrost and you would not be able to use them immediately. Wrapping them up in zip locks and paper bags properly is ideal.

When storing pecan nuts, we only have one goal in mind and that is to keep them fresh. It also greatly helps that you purchase pecans from stores like Natchitoches Pecans to guarantee that you are indeed getting a fresh batch.