What To Do With Fresh Louisiana Pecans For Sale

What To Do With Fresh Louisiana Pecans For Sale

Posted by wernuts2 on 27th Dec 2019

When you see fresh pecans for sale, you’re likely to want to snatch them up! However, what will you do with these pecans for sale once you get them home?

There’s a great deal you can do with delicious pecans for sale, and just some ideas we love are: • Pecans in the shell for arts and crafts night –

Are you looking for something fun to do with the family? Get cracking! Pecans in the shell have a delicious nut inside, but you’re also left with shells that you can use in a variety of ways around the home. Pecans shells make excellent crafting materials with the kids, as you break out the glue, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and other crafting materials to make pecan shell characters, ornaments, and animals. Not just for kids’ craft nights, pecan shells can be ground into a skin exfoliant, used in your smoker, or broken up and added to your garden mulch. 

Perfect for baking

– Pecan pie is a mainstay in Louisiana, but that’s not all. You can use your pecans when baking fruit pies, you can add them into your favorite cookie recipes, and you can even use them in baking pecan breads. If you’re looking for real inspiration to bake up something new and delicious, fresh pecans for sale are just that motivation you’re looking for.

Mix up your savory dishes

– While fresh pecans for sale might make you think of pecan pies and pecan sandies, you’re not limited to sweet dishes when it comes to cooking with pecans. Fresh pecans for sale ground into pecan meal can give you a perfect healthy breading material for chicken or fish, and one that brings a whole new flavor element to your dish.

Give a gift – While fresh pecans for sale are great to keep, they’re also great to gift as well! With fresh pecans for sale, you can give a gift that inspires them to bake, brings them together with family and friends, and gives them a way to experience true Louisiana goodness all at once.